Friday, June 19, 2009


I've always been conflicted. I'm an average white guy, and I've always been conflicted. If I am to fulfill my dream of writing the great American novel, this may be the way. It won't be a novel, however novel, but it will be great, and it will be by an American.

This first blog will serve as an introduction to the blog and an about me, therefore satisfactorily turning you off to look for another blog to read.

I wanted the web address be nowblog or blognow, a name long since taken. The use of the word now is simple, there is no other time. The initials of my family's first names are jklm. jklmnowblog is the site that will be my blog.

My blog, because its not yours. My blog, because I tell you about my life, not yours. My blog, because your life does not factor in, but may set me off. If you had a blog would it be about me?

You will read my opinions on whatever. Whatever sets me off in my pretty little world of meaninglessness. You may call me cranky and abrupt, but I disagree. I am a realist and I say it out loud, my filter may be off. I'll grudgingly settle for cynic, for at least it is based in realism. I may upset you with my style, but lucky for me the now is over and gone, please move on with me.

It is this article, Fast bikes, slow food, and the workplace wars:, that set me on this tragic path. I get frustrated when a thing doesn't work the way it was intended. Simple things made complex or you telling me about how life should be lived, because you find so much enjoyment in yours. The internal conversation I have is intense. Sometimes I share in reacting out loud, but through this blog you may enjoy every minute of it now.

I stand by every word I say. I may regret them sometimes, I may not make sense, I will be cryptic, I will be wrong, I will argue the opposite side of the point I'm making in the next sentence, but it is what it is, I am who I am, and I like it.

BTW, I have 2 kids, been married for seven years. I am a marketer in an engineering firm. I like these things too, in fact, I love them.

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  1. Ok, I am intrigued. Can't decide if you were just up early smoking or just wacky in the best of ways :) Bring it on, in any case. --Bethany