Sunday, March 27, 2011

Penitent Man

Joseph of Thebes described three types of worshipful men.

1. One’s thankful when ill or tempted.
2. One’s thankful in pleasing God openly.
3. One’s thankful for the subjection of God’s will before their own desires.

A mere seventy words of reflection, and I paraphrased. I know all three of these people. I am them, and so are you. I’m number one on Saturday night and number two Sunday morning. Number three is transcendent. Is it attainable? That’s the hard part, because who can know God?

Number three is attainable when applying one’s trade. A teacher, a doctor, a businessman, and a person with good in their heart at all times may be described as such. Grace. Number two is a safe and good place. Leave God out it. Live life openly, won’t that keep you honest?

What is God’s subjection, especially if we haven’t met him? I would like to please God. As a child my gods included my parents. They told me that my actions were a reflection of them. Heavy for a five year old.