Wednesday, September 28, 2011


I follow, skim 40 to 50 websites, blogs, news sources a day/week. One of my favorite is by this guy who writes 300 Words A Day. I like it because he makes faith flexible. Its online. I know his face, but I haven't met him. I've spoken to him but not with him. I have been relieved of some of the consequences of faith. He's pushing the limits of social media, and I would guess breaking ground in spreading the word of the Lord. He's offering this more than relaxed course called, "Bible for My Friends." I think it will become more intense as it goes on for the last four weeks.

Week Two is about listening or Lectio - I know, first I heard too, and I had 7 years of Latin. Lectio is listening and understanding in a prayerful way; my definition. Go here for an official Wiki definition. Jon Swanson, the guy that writes 300 Words, said its read, listen, contemplate, pray. He said other things that were interesting. It clicked for me when he suggested you look for it in a mundane thing you do, but one that centers you. Such as a favorite book you read on occasion and you read a new sentence and ponder why you haven't noticed it before.

The moment for me was coming home late from work, when I was thinking about the assignment, read Mark 5, 21-43. I observed that Jesus helps those that help themselves, or those that are persecuted and may not be able to help themselves. This is a generality and a quick and unfounded hypotheses. I've got four more weeks, I'll keep my eyes open.

I kept thinking about it. Then another listening moment came at work. I had just finished a pretty big assignment. I was taking a moment to catch up on a favorite website the 99 percent. I didn't read the main article, as I bypassed to read a 1954 Interview with Hemingway. I read this response from Hemingway, "I have the nightmares and know about the ones other people have. But you do not have to write them down. Anything you can omit that you know you still have in the writing and its quality will show. When a writer omits things he does not know, they show like holes in his writing."


Do you get it? Here's the best way I can explain how I understand it. YouTube Barry Sanders, the running back from the Detroit Lions. Watch a few highlights of some of his touchdowns. He didn't have a touchdown dance. He didn't tell you he just scored a touchdown, he didn't have to, you knew he did. 
Then the third listening moment was this peaceful afternoon. I left work early today, remember the big assignment? Yeah, put in a bunch of hours, took a little time. Stopped off for a gift for my wife, dinner for the family, then took the kids to karate, home again to eat, then Kelly went off to work. I packed in what usually takes me half a day into 3 hours. It wasn't rushed, I hit my marks and so did everyone else. We all did it with a smile. We clicked. It was effortless. I took it all in. I was listening, and I applied what I heard.