Sunday, January 31, 2010


Love is an immature emotion. It is a great one. It is a base one. But it fades. Or it doesn't.

Love that strengthens itself upon the fulfilling needs performed by the beloved is the nourishment that moves me.

If it doesn't fade love becomes a rock, a keystone, upon that thing that loves it to complete something that which I cannot perform without it.

I pray for a friend and his daughter and his family.

I'm trying to describe a relationship in terms that are obscure and smart and philosophical, and it is confusing putting those words into a comprehensible formation. I love my wife. I love my children. The love I have for my wife is different than that I have for my kids. I love my wife because she does things for me that I can not or am not or will not do for myself. I love my wife emotionally, with abandon, and selfishly. There is a difference; to me.

I love my children. I loved both my children upon seeing them for whatever they will become (hoping that I don't get in their way). I love my children in the hopes that they love me; without care. I hope they love me like I love my parents. They don't understand how much of that relies upon me.

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