Sunday, December 13, 2009


How do you write something that you really want to share, but don't want to really share? How do you write in metaphor?

Just more than half my life ago, I was more selfish than I am now. There were others that weren't. There were others that weren't. I cared, but I was not there. I loved. I had embarked on my second adventure of love. The love prior was experience and real and went away, as did the next one. I loved three times.

She cries to the clicking. Oh.

In the middle, it wasn't much. In the middle, it became natural. In the middle it was love. Love for one another. Sharing simply.

At the other end of more than half my life, someone asked if there were compliments for me, and not just me. All I got was what was said. There were many things said. Like my love. It sucked me in and pulled me under.

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